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“In the extended improv-reveries of guitarist Jon Catler and bassist Brad Catler, you can hear the same blue-note pitch swerves that have been the poetry in motion of guitarists from Son House to Jimi Hendrix.”

Rolling Stone

“The stars, guitarist Jon and Brad Catler (on bass) and drummer Jonathan Kane, were tirelessly entertaining and inventive … the variety was unending.”

Kyle Gann, The Village Voice

“Also harmonically tuned were the wondrously smooth sounds of fretless electric bass and guitar, played by the dynamic brothers Jon and Brad Catler. Jonathan Kane displayed nearly heroic endurance on the drums.”

New York Post

“Riveting and refreshing stuff.”

New York Daily News

“Amazement at the promenade..He (Jon Catler) is a juggler of intervals from the harmonics series.”

Liberation–Paris, France

“in brief, a true evening of music which one would find only in the best European nightclubs.”

Nice Matin—Nice, France

“Most Innovative Guitarist of the Year Award.”

KPFK-FM-Los Angeles, California

“The answer is, Really different…A fusion beyond pop, rock and jazz.”

Guitar Player Magazine

“Jon Catler has integrated his Berklee chops, microtonal intonation and theory, and idiomatic blues feel into a radically original voice. The astonishing thing about his 49-notes-to-the-octave guitar tuning is that it pulls his sound and his ideas away from the manicured surfaces and glib articulation that often come with his kind of chops and into a scrappier, more juke joint tonality…Brad Catler’s experience playing Indian, Chinese and Celtic instruments in their indigenous tunings meshes with his groove-focusing time and melodic inventiveness in another wholly individual new musical persona.”

Robert Palmer